Pay Per Click (PPC)

It’s possible to create instant engagement with your audience through online advertising by making sure you are seen at the right time, in the right place, by the right people. We help you do this through Pay Per Click Advertising. We can create, manage or optimise existing PPC campaigns, in English or Thai.

We are experts at maximising returns on the investments our clients make through engaging, strategic and well-researched PPC campaigns, which are managed by our certified AdWords specialists. Our proactive approach keeps your campaign dynamic, as we are constantly testing and refining our keywords. This ensures that your campaign is running at its highest level, reaching its full potential on your budget, and maximising your return.

With over 12 million USD under our management, you can rest assured that your campaign is in very safe hands. Some of the platforms we regularly manage include:

* Google AdWords and Google Display Network

* Bing & Yahoo

* Facebook – Scheduling, Boosting and Content

* Linkedin

* Youtube

* Outbrain

With PPC you can:

* See instant results

* Start with any budget

* Develop a clear and highly effective ROI figure

* Target a local or global audience

* Create qualified, highly-targeted traffic and leads

* Grow your brand visibility and presence

Our PPC management process is simple:

* Understand your business and commercial goals

* Review any historic data and accounts

* Establish your target audience, research keywords, design ads, create content, etc.

* Build and launch your campaign

* Continue managing your campaign

* Refine and improve your ROI

Pay Per Click